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Sep 29, 2005
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west georgia
i have an older model bushog brand rotary cutter .i need to replace the flex couplings on one of the shafts.bh dealer tells me the disc are $58. each.i need 8 of them.has anyone got any ideas on how to get away from these rubber disc?
totalloss":n1fqdbsw said:
i was thinkin maybe converting to u joints.does it have to be flexible?
I asked my tractor mechanic and they sell BH brand he says he has converted some of the 8 and 10ft ones over to U-joints
he says that is the easiest and cheapest in the long run he says part run about $ 300 for the yokes and the Joints
We cut up some old semi-truck mudflaps and used them until we got some new ones ordered.
checked the price on the flex couplings and the price you were quoted was about right.
wholesale was about 45.00 each
depending on the driveline (tractor hp, size of bushog, length and etc.)
premade drivelines complete with safety cover are reasonable now days.
in my opinion i think it is better to stay away from the metric drivelines.
it's harder to find metric u-joints and yokes,
but most farm supply stores keep the standard 12,14 and 35
series u-joints.
1 side of my 10 foot Bushog has rubber couplings the other side has u-joints.
It was that way when I bought it.

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