Bush and Pre-War Plan on Iraq

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How about this turtle....this one got a short term memory loss... A new book is coming out soon about Bush's pre-war plan against Iraq. He claimed he doesn't recall the conversation between Rummy (Rumsfeld) and himself back in Nov. 2001...claimed he had a lot of things on his mind with Afghanistan...wish he kept at that pace with Afghanistan...wish he didn't divert his attention to Iraq. We would have bin Laden by now if it weren't his ignorance to go to war on Iraq. Heres the article..yes its from the "liberal" news sources (never heard AP being called "liberal" nor "conservative" but that happens with people who are angry with the truth).

http://story.news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=s ... 4&ncid=716
Excuse me but I didn't write these articles. If you think they are in error, email to the AP and Yahoo. Don't blame me...I just "report" the facts.

I am delighted you still enjoy my posts. I am glad my posts are of valuable to you! Still manage to find the time to reply and make smart aleck remarks. Are you just venting your anger on me? Don't blame me, got vent at your King and the CAB guys for your daily problems.
Do me a favor, will ya? Find a pinpoint needle and thread, sew your mouth together. Then find some super glue and pasted your hands together in a prayer position... This will help control your urges to insult me and others.
PS Jesus loves you even though he don't approve to Angus cattle...