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I have been working with my calfs for about a week now and the only thing I can seem to do is scratch there head. I need them to walk by December 15 for weigh-in. Does anyone have any suggestions for me and my Simmental calfs??

Or If there is a web-page that anyone knows of that I can visit that will help me out to break them to lead please send it to me at these two address ASAP. Thanks Randy Hakes

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Randy, You need to get a halter on them ASAP. Put them in a chute or head gate, adjust halter to fit and tie them for 1-2 hours until they stop fighting. Release them carefully, do not let them pull away. Normally, I would tell you to put a halter on them & let them drag it for a week to teach them to stop when they stepped on the rope. You don't have time to do that. Tie them morning & night & lead them (in a very small enclosed area - pen) to their grain. Never try to take them out of the small area until you are real sure you can keep them from getting away. Once they pull away, you'll always have a problem with them. Here's a good 4-H link: <A HREF=""></A> I can get a calf ready in 1-2 weeks but you need to work at it am & pm every day - gentle & quietly. I weigh 115# and halter break 600-800# Simmental calves all the time. Jeanne
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