Branding calves

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Jan 15, 2004
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China Spring, TX
With only a headgate and a chute, does anyone have some good ideas on how to restrain 300-500 lbs calves when branding?

The setup I have is a 30" wide by 16' chute made of pipe. It's really a loading chute, but I plan to build a 24" wide working chute inside the pen later. At the end, we have a Priefert headgate. We tried our new brand out on a freezer beef calf this weekend, and it looked OK, but the calf moved to much with just a headgate and someone holding the tail up and pushed against the side of the chute. I was thinking that after we get the calves in the headgate, we could run a strap/rope around the mid section of the calf and pull it to the side of the chute while the person on the opposite side brands? Any other ideas?
We always branded with the calves laid out on the ground. It seemed easier to restrain them and hold them still so the brand didn't get blotched. Even with s squeeze it seems to me that it would be the best mehtod.

For the time being, you could also put a gate on the other side of the calf and snug it against them. It helps some, but not as good as a tight squeeze chute.