Bovatec warning tag (math test?)

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Apr 24, 2004
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I just recieved SteakMaker Grower, 38-0 (VP) B500, Land O' Lakes product, (lasalocid) for my #500 weaned calves. It has a warning tag that says "Mixing errors, inadequate mixing, and excessive concentrations can be fatal." I am scared!!!! :shock: The feed guy said for my 100 hd to give them 100# a day minimum, up to 2 1/2# per hd. per day. Maybe my math is lacking... but it seems confusing to me, and I don't want to kill anyone. The tag says not less than 200 mg. and not more than 360mg. and each lb. contains 250mg. But then it also says mix 4 to 6% with feed to provide 20 to 30 grams per ton of finished feed, after estimating average daily intake of air dry feed (90% dry matter).
Sorry to make this so long and complicated, but has anyone used this, or can you help me with my math?
you need to know how many pounds of feed intake your calves are consuming daily(how many lbs. of feed are they eating a day per head). if they weigh 500 lbs. they should consume .2%-.2.5% of their body weight as a dry matter basis.
example 500 lbs. .2% grain=10lbs. grain
convert to 90% dry matter = 11.11 lbs. of grain
1 lb. steakmaker + 10.11=11.11lbs. dry matter basis
at a 6% mixture this would equate to .66lbs. steakmaker and 10.45lbs. of grain a day.Even a 20lbs. daily intake a 6% ration would be 1.32 lbs. of steakmakerand 20.90lbs. of grain. (well in the safety range). make sure steakmaker is thouroghly mixed with grain. if feed intake is not known, feed 1lb. a day of steakmaker with your grain until your daily intake can be found. 1lb. a day of steakmaker is also is in the safe range but cost you more money. (MIX THOUROGHLY WITH GRAIN)

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