Blood poisoning

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Mar 2, 2004
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Northeastern BC Canada
Just a quick question, anyone ever get blood poisoning from calf tooth cut? I tubed a calf yesterday, and gave it a bolus at the same time. When I was shoving the bolus down it's throat, I got a little nick on my finger. No big deal.
But now it's pretty darn sore, swollen and inflamed. Soaked it in epsom salts. Still red.
Gotta fly. Take care.
If it is still inflamed and swollen by tomorrow have a Dr. check it out.
I have seen a little scratch on a foot that didn't hardley bleed turm into Bone Infection that required surgery and bone removal.
Thanks guys. I'm soaking the darn thing again tonight as I type. It was kind of a silly question, I know, but it really was such a tiny nick and inflamed so quickly that I was somewhat curious as to anyone else's experiences. A long way from the heart, as the saying goes.

Good point about the tetnus shot. Fortunately I stepped on a spike in the old barnyard a couple of years ago and got blood poisoning from that, so when the doc prescribed antibiotics he gave me a tetnus shot at the same time, so I guess I've got that base covered.

Those little buggers sure have sharp molars, though! :shock:

Take care.