Birthing a Calf

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I helped a heifer birth her calf today. He was stuck at his chest (he came out front legs and head first). I pulled him out with a rope. But after 3 hours he still has not stood up on his own. The mother was eating the afterbirth, but not licking the calf. Could his hind legs suffered some damage because he was stuck?

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It's not uncommon for a calf to be weak after a difficult birth. If you haven't done so already, tube feed him colostrum, and continue tube feeding him colostrum or milk twice a day until he is strong enough to nurse on his own.

Don't give up on him, and don't stop feeding him until he's up. It might even take a few days.

Since he was born in the proper position, there shouldn't be any damage to his hind legs. And a calf that is pulled with care usually doesn't have any physical damage.

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