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Jan 11, 2016
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East Tennessee
I'm in the market for a new (to me) 4x4 truck. Has to be 3/4 or 1 ton. Will be used here on the farm and pulling a mowing trailer during the warm season. Have a ford 6.0 diesel but it keeps pooping on me. I have a 5.4 f250 rwd that does the job. Although SLOWLY.

I have owned a f350 powered by a 2v V10 in the past. Loved that truck. These are hard to find without a ton of miles and riding at stock ride height. And a 3v V10 is almost a mythic creature. So is a manual trans.

I've been considering a 96+ vortec 7.5 or an 8.1 chevy.

Also have considered an OBS 460 Ford. But would need to be a 90 or newer i think.

What are yall's opinions on these big gas engines? I'm pretty sure i don't want to consider a dodge v10. Any recommendations.

I'm looking for the right deal on whatever i get. But i hate buying something to find out had I gotten a year model newer i would be more satisfied.

I'm trying to stay under $8,000.

Thoughts on a Chevy 6.0?
ClinchValley":2bviwkvh said:
Thoughts on a Chevy 6.0?

Great choice and somewhat common. Problem is most are spendy for a farm truck. Looked at a 2000 pretty hard but they wanted $9,500.

Cheapest fixer uppers are some of the old big block Fords.
Nothing wrong with a 7.4 Vortec.. Injectors will wear and cause a poor hot start, a set was around 300 bucks last time I checked. The 8.1 is probably rarer than a Triton V10.

GM 6.0 is a great choice too.
I've been considering a 96+ vortec 7.5 or an 8.1 chevy. "
These are good choices but might be liking finding a unicorn.
Out of all of the gas truck motors Chevy has built, the L96 6.0 has to be the most durable, and low maintenance they have ever created. Not the most power full but will out last the best of them. With it's Iron LS3 block (Heavy, and Durable), and high flow L92 Alum. heads (power gains) it can work all day without a hiccup. It will be a sad day in Mudville when they finally bury the last "non-emissions minded" truck motor...
But they ain't cheap, or good with fuel.
My second choice would be the 8.1, high torque, same fuel mileage as a 6.0, but finding one with less than 200k will be the hard part. But you can still find crate 8.1 laying around.
I currently have a 13' F250 crew cab 4x4 with a 6.2 gas and have no complaints. Mine has 75 k on it and it pulls loads in the 12k pretty regular and no issues. We run the regular cab f250's with 6.2 at work since they came out. We trade those off at 250k. They have been very reliable and part of the reason I went with one for my personal truck. The Ford V-10 was a good motor for me too. Very reliable powerhouse for me.
For a CHEAP truck it will be hard to beat the 460 ford. Dad's farm truck has been a 95 F-350 for the past 18 years. He has spent plenty in fuel, but it has made up for it in lack of repairs. Compared to a new one it rides rough and not as fast some of the newer gas engines, but it will still get you there with a load.
i drive a 2008 f250 with 5.4l crew cab 4x4. good cheap to operate truck. poor gas mileage though. 10 miles to the gallon.
Paving company I work for has used chevy's with the 6.0 liter for years and have had virtually no issues with them. They are consistently loaded to 10k pounds and run hard. There are multiple ones still being used that have over 300k on them. had a friend that had one he ran to 400k.
I see the 6.0 endorsements so I am going to throw out our experience. We had 2 in our fleet along with the Fords I spoke about in my first post and both had the 6.0 gas, actually they were GMC brand and bought together/same day. We had very bad luck with them and I am not sure why. Both had motors replaced before 100k miles. The drivers I spoke to that drove the trucks daily said they were fuel hogs compared to the Fords. I was also curious about the Dodges but could not find anyone with a 3/4 ton towing with the 5.7 and the 6.4 just came out at that time. I really was interested in the 6.4 Dodge as I am typically a Dodge guy due to the Cummins and many years running Dodges in hotshotting. I bailed on the diesels due to cost and maintenance for my needs now. I am on many truck forums and they are all basically that same, some good, some bad. I think pick the brand/brands you like and go find a good deal. A good deal will justify the price. Of the big 3 you can basically plan on a monthly average of 10-12 mpg if you drive the speed limit for a city/hwy combo. You can set the trip meter on a hwy trip and grab a 14-16 mpg to impress and justify. If you have a heavy foot and tow a lot, figure 9-10 for a monthly average. The thing about the gassers, they are equal in torque to the late 90's/early 2k diesels and pull good. What I like about mine, its at home running 90-95 on open hwy and equally at home pulling 12-15 k at 65 mph with 6th gear locked out to keep the tranny from gear hunting. In 75 k miles, my only problem is nothing. No sensors, no deletes needed...just run the p i s s out of it. I assure my truck stays hooked up to a trailer more than the average Joe. I still wish a standard tranny option was available from Ford. To my understanding, Dodge is the only MFG to offer and standard with a gas motor? Good luck
I'm happy with our 6.4 Hemi in a '15 Ram 3500 so far, but that's not in your price range. I bailed on a new diesel due to the price and maintenance as well. Emissions has ruined them.
I ran the 7.4 chevy's for yrs and ran the piss out of them bought 5 one yr
Had one out of the 5 that was a lemon
Not just the motor the entire truck
Something was always going wrong with it
I like the 7.4 (454)
Got my first one in 85 and have always liked them
8 to 10mpg loaded (heavy grossing 36,000)
12 to 14 mpg empty
Last one I had I put 286,000 miles on it and it was loaded most of those miles
Never was a 460 ford fan had a couple just didn't care for them

Drive a 6.0 now and it does alright but won't hold a candle to the 7.4
As far as power
But it has been reliable
If you are looking for a GM gasser with pulling power, you can't beat an 8.1. Ran an 04 Chevy with 8.1 and Allison tranny for years pulling a backhoe over hills and back roads. Traded for a 13 Duramax last year. Still miss that old beast.

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