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Pull/push her up straight. Add some joists, and "w" those rafters, maybe a cpl post in the walls. Put some screws in it here and there where the nails pull out during "straightening".

Let your neighbor park under it first for a while. (y)
It all "sounds" so easy.... 🤣

Need more pictures. What does one do about the concrete footings that are as far out of kilter as the barn itself. They are not level. They've pushed out at the tops.
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@@MurraysMutts I like it. Entire one piece Roof is salvageable and can be strengthened....(all the walls have to come out) care must be approached to shore up the broken left side of the main roof wall-truss. The way you work this is leave the roof where it is (do not try to bring the roof back to where it originally was located) and place beams nice and straight underneath.... adding new wall-beam-piers right side first...while monitoring left side...until entire right side has new beams. Leave back wall where it is. Then work left side jacking a shoring up with new beams. Once the two long sides of the barn has new beams (roof is safe, building is saved) can make determination on the remaining back wall....replace or leave as-is.
What i love about this building (for ease of fixing) are two things....1. they left out many of those long ceiling boards .... overhead ceiling truss never put can install them to shore up the roof during jacking to support the two roofs together. 2. there's space to run new boards under those slightly rotten roof trust ends....extra rock solid support.
You are storing hay in their's still a viable building...because the roof is still good.
I don't think I would like going in there getting hay and whatnot. When we bought our place it had a 70x30 barn on it that was built very early 1800's that was in bad shape. My original plan was to tear it down and build new but I had it restored.

Looking back on it, I actually regret it and wish I would of just built what I wanted. It's really just an expensive farm ornament at this point as I can't really use it like I want to due the design.

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