Bad habits

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Dec 13, 2008
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Lillooet, BC, Canada
We talk about bad habits on cattle all the time, and on horses they're plentiful as well

Here's what I see as a train wreck in the making.. it's cute now, but when the horse is grown it's going to be an unworkable brat, and a dangerous one too

I need some help in the comments.. some people can't fathom how this is bad for the horse in the long run ... 94fbac6c68
MRRherefords":2rolqqey said:
Horses are harder to break of habits then cows are (sometimes). They better make it stop soon before it gets big. Then that playful kick could break a bone.
that was my thought

If a cow wants her butt scratched, it's one thing, you dont' have to be around them a lot.. If you want to ever use the horse and it's always slamming you into a fence for attention, it's going to get old really quick
If you are dumb enough to teach a horse to do that, you will get what is coming to you eventually... :2cents:
A 7-year-old Varnish Appaloosa mare. She is buddy sour to the point she is reluctant to ride alone and has started to buck. Any suggestions on changing this attitude?


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