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Aug 9, 2020
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NW Georgia
I was watching this sale Wednesday, and this one where you can not buy a pair, and split them , telling them to weigh them Every pair or 3 N ! that comes in, they will sell the cow by the pound, then sell the calf. Then, they total up what they brought, and that is the opening bid to by the pair by the head. It works out good for the buyer, I guess, in that they get the maximum they can that day. They do the same thing with bred cows and heifers.

They had a 800+ lb Longhorn, solid tan, cow that was 2 months bred. It brought .90/ lb and didn't get a raised bid by the head. Next one in was a 670 lb spotted Corr. Not marked bred., She brought $960 by the head! Watching the NM sale today, where they sell all the Mexican cattle. I watched most of the 5 weight heifers, 14 solid black Corrs. They were dehorned but they weren't cross -breds...they were Al Corr. The averaged 567 and brought $2.37. . Next bunch in was 20 Charolais, averaging 536. At least 12 of them were horned, as most "Charolais' from Mexico are. They brought $2.34. Black, baldies. and reds brought $2.50- $2.55 in that weight class.

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