Anyone see these?

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Mar 4, 2008
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NE Kansas
Went to today to order a couple new mineral feeders, and saw something new.

Looks like a pretty slick deal, was curious if anyone has it or has tried it. Looks like a real easy way to get insecticide on your cattle. Anyone have experience with it?

You can buy the cover only for any existing mineral feeders you have, which is great because I now have 4 of the Bullmaster mineral feeders.
Well that's interesting, I've never seen those. Wouldn't there be a chance of them getting it in/on their nose and eyes though?
Looks good. They wouldn't get it IN their eyes. It's not DRIPPING.
We use the homemade hanging 50 gallon drums, and we hang a "bullet" saturated with insecticide in front of the hole, so they have to push it aside with their face. Works good - AND CHEAP!!!
kenny thomas":5rjyx8u9 said:
Where did you find the cover only? I have three already so I would only need the cover.

The cover was on the valley vet website as well. Too lazy to relink it.

Mahoney Pursley Ranch":5rjyx8u9 said:
My cattle won't eat mineral out of those flap type feeders. Was a waste of money to get one.

My cattle have never hesitated to eat mineral out of the flap. That's interesting. Maybe you cattle aren't as "nosey" as mine?