Anybody use CattleMax?

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Chocolate Cow

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May 1, 2016
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West Central Kansas
I've been trying to get my cows set up with this on-line system. I've finally given up today. :bang: I paid for a years service and will just eat it. Really discouraged with it.
Chocolate Cow":17onoshq said:
Thank You M-5. I've sent you a totally confusing PM. Too much to text.
The online version does really suck compared to the odler one. Send them an email and they will jump on getting your problems resolved. That has always been their strongest suit, customer service
I've spent an enormous amount of time entering data on my cows. I went back through each entry and found that I had failed to enter a breeding for some of the cows which moved her from 'exposed' to 'pregnant' category. Others, the program never recognized the breeding I had entered. Things look better tonight but mercy has this been time consuming. I really want this to work because I have a terrible habit of writing notes on scrap pieces of paper with the intention of transferring to one of the three notebooks I plan on organizing some day :hide:

Thank You M-5.
You have it whooped then. Now that you have it all in there it's easy to maintain. Like I said when I see an event I pull out my phone and note it right then on the animal. PM anytime if you have questions. It's a great tool
We use Cattle Max and this is our second year. A bit of a learning curve initially but so worth it in the end. I usually make the entries as we go, for AI's right there at the chute. But the ability to group an edit or change is so nice!

We had entered nearly 5 years of data on our cows and its nice to have the adjusted BW/WW etc... all computed for you.

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