Any ideas what this is if anything

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Similar to my original post but now it's over his eye. Rubbed it down to bare skin. I think it's just from rubbing but what are your thoughts? Anything I can put on the area to help it heal and not get infected?
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Don't think that's ringworm, again it's from rubbing or scratching. Get a pour on of some kind . If it is ringworm others will likely catch it . Not life threatening but it is ugly and will hurt you if you sell them . Iodine spray will take care of it if it is ringworm.
Any ideas what this may be?


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If you were showing this animal at a fair, you would need to cut them off. Otherwise, just ignore. They are like a childhood disease. Once they have them, they "should" never get them again. Just like ring worm.
Warts, got a dose in some October weaner calves I bought out Delta Junction two yrs ago. God they started growing all over the neck then the face. They were a wild bunch so hard to catch and deal with it. Spring time and lotsa sunshine up here the warts dropped off.

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