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May 3, 2014
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I have 5 or 6 calves a little shy of #200 that have the scours. One of them is worse than the others. It is bloody, and almost like water. It's ears are still up, and acts pretty much normal. I gave it 2 tera. Pills last night, and going to give it 2 more here in a little. I called my bet and she said not to worry about it as long as it was sucking and acting pretty normal? I have always heard that bloody scours needs some attention, but im no expert. The other calves just have wet butts and tails, a few of them have the white, grayish runs aswell. All of them are acting fine right now as far as I can tell. What do I need to do? I have always heard dehydration is the biggest problem? Thank you guys!
That's not what i wanted to hear. How do you treat one that small for it? They are not eating feed yet
Thank you. Yes I have read that post. Lots of good info. Anyone else have an idea what I should do?

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