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Jan 6, 2009
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Lavaca county, Texas
Angus the Scotsman closed the bar up one night and started staggering home. He didn't get too far and the spirits overcame him so he laid down by the trail and fell fast asleep.

Early the next morning a couple of young lady tourists from the United States happened by and with a giggle said "I wonder if it's true about their kilts"? Sure enough, when they carefully raised Angus' kilts he was wearin' nothing under but his birthday suit.

So they decided to have a little fun. One of the ladies took a blue ribbon from her hair and tied it carefully around Angus' talley wacker and went off to hide and watch when he awoke.

Ten or fifteen minutes later Angus woke up and really had to go badly. He staggered to his feet, lifted his kilt and was surprised to see the ribbon. (Use your best Scotish accent here) "Auck, Laddie" says Angus. "Don' know wherrrre ye been but ye must ave ad fun cause I see ye won firrrrst prize".

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