Angus Sale here in Australia

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Oct 1, 2008
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Northern New England Region, Tenterfield NSW Austr
Seen the results and picture of the bull that made $38,000 at an Angus sale about 250 ks from us. He looked no better than bulls that I could have purchased for $4,000 a week ago. The purchasers have more money than sense they seem to like to get thier names in the paper. They paid $41,000 a few years back for another bull. The new high priced bull was by Bando 9074 out of a New design 036 cow. 71 Angus bulls sold at this sale for an average $6,308 gross of $460,000 97% clearance. Sales not very far away had tops of $7,000 and $13,000 for pretty good bulls. They could have got a lot more for their money elsewhere.
I saw several 036 cows a couple of months back and they were very impressive. So far 036 has been coming up clean in all the defects too, so that line is more valuable. Also the meat quality out of the 036 lines is very good. I would say they may have made a wise decision.

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