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Aug 29, 2004
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Another post brought this to mind. We had purchased a miniature jack for our two sons, and he turned out to be mean; kicked me and my oldest son, bit me, and played too rough with heifers. My wife's boss wanted him, and was going to pay for him later in the week. He quickly learned what fun it was scaring her fainting goats, and would lie on top of them when they fell over in a faint. They separated him, decided thet didn't want him, but the woman decided to keep him until she could help us sell him. The only call we got was from a woman wanting to trade a registered Samoyed dog for him. We did. The dog is a year old, and right now is with a stud. The web site about Samoyeds said they sell for $250 to $800. My wife says she's going to make more money with these dogs than I do with cattle! What do you think of this trade?
I raised Samoyed's about 6 years ago, and sold the males for $400, and females for $550, real easy. As far as beating your income in the cattle industry, I'd say it's like anything else.... how well they are bred, training,(if you sell them newly "weaned", or potty trained, and simple commands), and when and where you sell them. They aren't a good farm dog, but kids love 'em. Good luck to your wife :lol:
Samoyeds are the Will Rogers of dogdom. They love everyone. Not a good watchdog but will bark. I have had them since I was 9. Regardless of the heat DO NOT EVER SHAVE THEM. Nature has provided a cooling system, let it work.
An uncle of mine used to have a Samoyed. That dog was so friendly he used to lose him at least twice a month, because the silly mutt would switch vehicles on him. Uncle was a logging contractor, and when he'd go for parts that dog would just switch pickups in the parking lot. He always ended up getting him back, just would take a few days to figure out where the dog went.

A favourite trick of the buckers was to spray a line down that dog's back with that orange marking paint. Usually by the time spring break-up was done he'd be back to his original un-racing striped appearance. Although one benefit of his customized paint job was that it made the dog a lot easier to identify and therefore retrieve from his latest road trip.

Take care.

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