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Aug 21, 2004
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Pike County, Ohio
Background info: Last year I purchased an 8 acre tract of land (7 acres in which is pasture) in Southern Ohio. I live in Texas and plan to be here another 17 years.

This past summer I strung three strands of barb wire and one strand of electric that is solar powered around the perimeter, and installed an 8,000 gallon cattle pond. There are no out-buildings but plan to build 36x36 mutli-purpose barn next summer.

There is no debt and the taxes are cheap. I bought it to have something to do when I visited my hometown.

Question: There are two young boys down the road that range from 12 to 15 years of age. The dad is known in the community to be a hard working honest guy. The boys are also known to have quality characteristics and are very respectful to me. I am thinking about asking the dad if his boys would be interested in raising a couple of pure breds to show at the fairs or exhibitions. I would cover all expenses, except transporting them to the shows. My biggest concern is liability for the boys safety. What is the forums opinion on this? (I probably will have some additional questions if there is interest in this thread).
Definitely carry liability insurance coverage policy on the property, whether the boys take you up on your offer or not.
Seems as it would be a good deal for the boys and you could have someone to keep an eye on and look after the place when you are not there. Could be a win win situation for both, you and them

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