2-Fer Deal!

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Dec 26, 2003
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S. Central, TX
Well, it was bound to hapen sometime, but we were finally visited by the 2-Fer Fairy and had our first set of twins last Wednesday. Mama had no trouble delivering two 78 and 74 lb bull calves, and she's mothered up to both of them. :clap: I don't even get to try my hand at bottle feeding! These are two 103T calves out of a double bred Feltons/Braxton Giant cow. She's one of those easy keeper cows who stays in excellent condition whether she has a calf on her or not, but just to help her out, we've set up a creep feeder for the calves for when they're ready and have her on feed and excellent quality hay as well as the rye pasture. We figure that we'll have to wean these little guys a bit early, but as it stands now, we don't forsee any trouble.....this time around! (knock on wood!)
congrats on having your 1st set of twin bulls.your doing the right thing feeding momma some.an having the creepfeeder set up for the calves.if she keeps her condtion i wouldnt wean till they are 6 months old.
Thanks Ya'll! I'm waaaay too excited about this one! From all the horror stories I've read about on twins, I was expecting the worst when it finally did happen. I'm just thanking my lucky stars, the angels who were watching over, and chalking it up to a Christmas miracle. I'm sure that when it happens again, we won't be so lucky, but for now, Yay!! :lol:
Good for you TR.

Everyone is always so obsessed about worrying what could happen, we often are scared to celebrate. Two healthy bull calves, reason to celebrate!
Congratulations on the live, healthy, nursing twins.... not to rain on your enthusiasm but still keep your eye on them to be sure both are getting their fair share of milk. Sounds like mom knows what she is supposed to do, good for her. And you!
One year I had 3 sets of twins when I only had about 30 cows. Each one lived and was taken care of by momma. But I have had enough bad experiences with twins that I would rather each cow have one.
They're evil.......caught one trying to nurse a cow that's due next week.....Just gotta call them El Diablo and Lucifer.......of course, figuring out which one is who is a whole 'nother story.....



We had our first set of twins new year's eve. The little guy came first 70 lbs. and 40 min later sister came out, 85 lbs. After that mom didn't want the little guy around. Saw him fly through the air. Gathered them up and headed for the corral, where mom changed her mind and sent sis through the air a few times. Put mom in the chute and got them both to nurse. Put mom out of the corral for the night cause she still only wanted to accept one. Got up the next morning and both were calling for mom and she was standing on the scales waiting to get in the chute. It took till the afternoon before she let both nurse on her own. Now all is well.
What a nice couple of calves! Great job, you and the cow!

Seems like twins routinely are "thieves". Most of mine were! We'd try to separate the cow with the calves and feed her if we could.. give her little more volume if possible. It sure doesn't take them long to nurse her down I'm sure. A creep feeder might help as well.

Good luck!
Congratulations!!! Most on this board know - I HATE TWINS! But, having said that, I have made some pretty good money on two sets of twin heifers. Sold one at the age of 2 with heifer calf for $6000 and kept the other. Sold one as a bred heifer for $2500 and kept the other. Soooo, I figure both the "smaller" twins that I kept are FREEBIES!!! (Dams raised both sets on pasture - no suppliment)
And there have been many cases where cow raised both (bulls &/or heifer/bull), so you had two calves to sell - or got to splice one of the twins on a cow that lost her calf.

So --- it sure can be a $$$$ maker - but ---- there are "most times" that it's a major mess.
I would much rather have each cow have ONE calf.

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