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Jul 14, 2017
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:cry: I bought a 11 day old jersey heifer. The lady who sold her said she was very good with drink from a bottle and is always very energetic. When she was delivered she just kinda layed there. And the lady convinced me she was just stressed from the 2 hour ride. I then tried giving her a bottle and she had no interest. I messaged the lady and she said she had given her a bottle before she brought her. The next morning(9 days old) I made another bottle she still was not interest at all would turn her head away from it. I then had to go to work. Got home made another bottle that night and she still wasn't interest in it. But she drank about 2pintsof electrolyte water from a bucket. I force fed her from the bottle but only like 10oz. The next morning (10 days old) I bring out a bottle and she's still not interested. Had to force feed her but only 12oz. That night found that she had drank about 1qt of electrolyte water but still not interest in the bottle. Force fed 12oz.. This morning(11 days old) still didn't want the bottle. Walked right for the water bucket. Force fed about 1pint. This afternoon. I really started to worry about her she was laying down most of the day. I them tube fed her 1qt of formula and plan on doing 1 pint later. I'm just very worried anything helps at this point. She's never standing up when I go out there. I pick her up and she walks right to the water, but is a little shaky. She drinks then goes back to the same spot and lays down. HELP PLEASE
Are you using the same milk she was using? May have to force her to drink still at 11 days. Stand over her with head between your legs and insert bottle. Hold her head up.
I agree to see if the milk replacer is the same type she was using. If they had other cattle and you don't she may also be lonely and changing her whole life/routine can make a difference.
I would also try her milk in the bucket as opposed to a bottle. Also, try some probiotic paste or boluses to get her gut tract working a bit more so she might be more hungry....like when your stomach growls.... Vit B shot will also help stimulate her appetite.
She should be getting 2 qts twice a day so if you have to force feed her then I would. Make sure whatever milk replacer you are using is ALL MILK milk replacer and not SOY based. It will say right on the label Most are 20/20, fat /protein and will say all milk protein. They will do poorly on soy based and they don't like the taste of it as much unless they are real hungry. Make sure it is warm, not hot when you put it in the bucket or the bottle.
Seems to me that the lady did not tell you straight if she said she was drinking good from the bottle. Most will do fine and then might feel the separation etc a day or two later, but to just not want a bottle from the start is suspect as to how well she was doing before.
The lady sold her to me knowing she had pneomonia. But for the first day she said she's just stressed. I spent lots of time out there with her feeding her little by little throughout the day. The next morning she was more alert but still had to force feed. That night(the night of this post) she wouldn't stand even if I lifted her up. Force fed again and she was okay. Went back inside and came out at 10 to her struggling to breath. I stayed out helping her breath through the night. But she passed. I appreciate all the comment and I was doing everything you guys suggested. Thx
How she doing?
I had a beef calf that stopped nursing from the weather and had to tube feed her for a week had the vet. out she gave a shot of vit B and a shot of resfloor and the next morning she started to nurse from mom again. We never took mom away when we feed her. Good luck Jeff
If you plan on messing with bottle calves I suggest you invest in a bottle of Nuflor Gold
Sorry that you lost her and that she had pnuemonia. It will kill the young ones quick. Any recourse? Bad experience for you. Next time you get any calf and she doesn't go right after the bottle, think sick, and to treat any respiratory problem with antibiotics; plus watch for scours as they can dehydrate so fast.

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