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  1. Running Arrow Bill

    Bathroom Problem Solved

    If you have try yoga, mirror, or whatever... You probably missed the cognitive joke to jest the "new world order" of Orwellian "Newspeak"... And for those still confused on my joke...check your birth certificate...if there is one... :lol2:
  2. Running Arrow Bill

    Bathroom Problem Solved

    Not sure which bathroom to use? Look between your legs! Any questions? Problem solved...
  3. Running Arrow Bill

    Cattle Pots & Windmill Blades

    OK...for all you non-livestock Yankees...lol! A "Pot" is a semi-trailer that is double-decked with numerous side vent openings to keep cattle cool during transport. A Pot can haul probably 50 to 75 cattle, depending on size using both decks. Perhaps as many as 100 calves... Trailer may be up...
  4. Running Arrow Bill

    cubic feet for hay

    Measure hay. Measure barn. Apply 8th Grade Arithmetic. Priceless...
  5. Running Arrow Bill

    Cattle Pots & Windmill Blades

    Ok... Anyone any ideas?? In front of our property on US 83 every day several EMPTY Cattle Pots go North and later some go South! What gives? Drivers practicing pulling trailers? Stealing trailers? Can't make up their mind which direction they want to go? Next: Every week BLADES of the...
  6. Running Arrow Bill

    Move to Colorado

    No thanks! I lived in Colorado for about 9 years..."Quoth The Raven"... We have exceeded 2014 rainfall to date this year. Our pastures loving it! More rain scheduled here all week. On the flip side, our "summer" is about a month late here; only thing growing otherwise are cool season...
  7. Running Arrow Bill

    Kubota RTV Start Problem

    Problem solved today! :D Was ignition switch. Piece of cake to replace: Drop fiber panel, un-hook quick connect electrical, unscrew retaining ring on front. Total 15 minutes. Bill
  8. Running Arrow Bill

    Drilling an Irrigation well

    Welcome! You have 2 questions/issues: 1. Well & pump specifications and hydraulics. 2. Discharge side of water: other hydraulics. Contact a well driller who does wells in your area. He/she can give you more accurate information than those not familiar with/working in your area. A 2,500...
  9. Running Arrow Bill

    Kubota RTV Start Problem

    Morning y'all! My RTV 1100 has been acting weird for starting. Procedure is to put gear shift in neutral and hit the starter switch. Have new battery. Most of time it kicks right off. Then, periodically nothing happens. After jiggling the gear shift lever and keep hitting the ignition...
  10. Running Arrow Bill

    Beards: NON-politically correct Psycho-Social Reasons

    Guess I'm bored...again...lol. Got to thinking (bad) why some men have beards, lip beards, chin beards. Here are some frivolous reasons by Psychologists and Sociologists: (Not in order of importance or frequency: Hide facial defects (Hair lips, pock marks, scars, etc.) Don't have, can't...
  11. Running Arrow Bill

    Need Ignition Switch for Kubota RTV 1100

    New battery. Clean posts & cables. For some strange reason (probably I scared the liberal tree-huggers away), the RTV is starting every time now. Took a few attempts after I put new battery in...
  12. Running Arrow Bill

    Need Ignition Switch for Kubota RTV 1100

    Afternoon y'all! My ignition switch on my Kubota RTV 1100 is going bad. I can't call a dealer due to my serious hearing disorder (uncorrected) and need a source I can E-Mail them. It is a 2012 model. Sometimes it works and sometimes I have to do several tries before it "connects" to the...
  13. Running Arrow Bill

    Water Hose Problem

    Afternoon Experts! Have been having problems with 3/4" water hoses. Have at present several brands. Problem is that some of brands (even though looked great, and not cheapos) will become VERY stiff (almost like PVC pipe) in cold weather. My gut feeling is that the stiff ones have vinyl or...
  14. Running Arrow Bill

    Products of Yesterday Year...

    Those "old timers" probably remember these! Maytag Wringer Washing Machines Mrs. Stewarts Bluing Musterole Ointment Watkins Door to Door Salesmen Fuller Brush Men Fender Skirts Black Leaf 40 Bull Durham & Papers Dial Telephones Playing Cops & Robbers, Washers, Rubber Guns, Marbles at school Can...
  15. Running Arrow Bill


    MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!! :santa: Stay safe. Stay off the roads. Stay away from crowded places... And... "Watch your Six"!