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    Opinion on young bull

    I decided I will castrate him tomorrow. I put him in the corral today and weighed him, he weights 575 and was 5 months yesterday (16th). I have 15 cows on one side of the road with a registered Hereford bull. On the other side of the road I have 14 cows and a registered Angus bull (son of...
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    Opinion on young bull

    I would like opinions on this bull. The sire is a registered Hereford and the dam is a registered Charolais. The bull is 4 and half months old and I would guess its 500 pounds. I'm hoping/thinking someone might want him as a herd bull or should I castrate him and sell him that way? Thanks for...
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    Who's the Daddy

    My place has hills and ruts. That's​ how he got the two pregnant. The cows were down hill or in a rut. I told him if he didn't man up and do the job I bought him for he would be gone. He might have took me serious.
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    Who's the Daddy

    The first bull was polled, the second is horned. If I see horns on the calves we will know for sure. I heard if you have a polled cow and horned bull that polled is dominant so I don't think they will have horns. I had a calf with the first bull December 26th and a second calf February 6th...
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    Who's the Daddy

    Here's a picture of my new bull. He's 24 month old now.
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    Who's the Daddy

    I bought a registered Hereford bull at 6 months of age for a herd bull. He was about 16 months when I needed him to breed my cows. I gave him two or three months to breed my cows. I saw my cows keep coming back in heat every 18 to 21 days. On June 20th I put a new Bull in with my cows and pulled...
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    Aluminum Cattle Trailer

    I am thinking about buying a new cattle trailer. Looking at a WW RoustAbout and the Kiefer Kruiser. They are two different kinds of trailers, is there an advantage to one design over the other? I think I like the RoustAbout better. You can get the roustabout with two swinging back doors or one...
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    Should I be getting red or black

    I do have some registered, but they haven't calved yet. Will the registered be black baldy's?
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    Should I be getting red or black

    I don't know. How can I tell?
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    Should I be getting red or black

    I have a few black Angus cows, I have a Hereford bull. So far this calving season I have gotten three red baldy and one black baldy calf's. This is the first calves for the Hereford bull. Previously had an Angus bull. Should I not be getting all black baldy calves? These are good looking calves...
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    Hereford/Charolais cross

    Here is one of my Hereford Charolais cross. They sell good at the market but they make excellent momma too. I might add this one will not make a good momma. I have a friend that has a cross for his herd bull. He has some nice calves.
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    Weed wiper

    I have a weed wiper I bought at the Farm Machinery Show. I tried it on Johnson Grass, it killed about 75% of the Johnson Grass. I had a hard time getting the round up to come out of the wiper. I had the vent open all the way and couldn't keep the wiper wet. I drove about 3 mph. The Johnson grass...
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    Truck Air Bags

    I have had better results with Super Springs than air bags. Check them out, also a lot easer to install.
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    Hay Tedder

    Does anyone have one of Carter and Carter Machinery in Johnson City hay tedders? I talked to Clyde about one but haven't seen one yet. Do you like it, pro and cons of it. New they are a lot cheaper than other tedders. Thanks
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    Starting over, Fencing recommendations

    I was in the same situation a year and a half ago. Woven wire is the way to go but the most expensive. I put a six strand high tinsel fence up. I built it myself and made it where every strand would be hot. I have the second and the fourth strain from the bottom hot now and have not had any...