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Jul 21, 2014
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Morristown TN
I bought a registered Hereford bull at 6 months of age for a herd bull. He was about 16 months when I needed him to breed my cows. I gave him two or three months to breed my cows. I saw my cows keep coming back in heat every 18 to 21 days. On June 20th I put a new Bull in with my cows and pulled the old bull out at the same time. I have had two calves I know from my old bull. I had a calf on Sunday, one on Monday and one on Tuesday and one today (Thursday). When you count the days the calves this week should be my old bull. I think they are from my new bull. What do you guys think? It really doesn't matter, I guess I'm more curious than anything.
That math is pretty close (within a week if bred some that first week). That new bull sure knew his job if he was only 15 months old at the time and bred them all the first week. I'd put my money on the old bull. But I may be wrong if the new one was just that fertile and had the drive and the cows calved a little early. Too many variables for him to me. But I also see your point about him missing so many cows.
The first bull was polled, the second is horned. If I see horns on the calves we will know for sure. I heard if you have a polled cow and horned bull that polled is dominant so I don't think they will have horns. I had a calf with the first bull December 26th and a second calf February 6th. Nothing till now and four in one week, it makes me wonder. The first bull was small in size, I would see him mount the cows but he couldn't reach them.
M-5":2iu4spfl said:
you might be surprised , that's why they paw out those holes in the pasture so he can get her to stand in it so he can reach.
My place has hills and ruts. That's​ how he got the two pregnant. The cows were down hill or in a rut.

I told him if he didn't man up and do the job I bought him for he would be gone. He might have took me serious.

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