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    Calf Catcher Pulled by ATV

    I actually saw it in action and it worked very well, also I mostly want it for an hour or two old calves so I can get an accurate birth weight and get a tag in its ear for a registered herd. Had too many close calls last calving season, looking for options.
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    Calf Catcher Pulled by ATV

    I was watching RFD TV (Prairie Farm Report) awhile back and they had an invention to help catch new born calves. It was offset to the left or right side (can't remember which side) of the ATV and was pulled behind the ATV. It had an opening that would allow you to pull up beside the calf and...
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    Cattle Pink Eye

    We are extremely dry here and my pasture is right next to a dirt road with a lot of dust. I have about 8 calves that have developed a large white spot on their eye (pinkeye i think) and i think it is from the dust plus fescue grass seed that i let get too tall before i clipped it. My question...
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    Fly rub formula needed

    I have fly rubs set up at my mineral stations and i am looking for a formula that i can soak my rubs in and rehang to help with face flies. I have heard about mixtures with fly chemical mixed with diesel but need to know what ratio to mix. Thanks Jon
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    Blackleg Vacinations for older cows

    Can anyone tell me if it is necessary to vacinate cows older than 2 years old for Black leg if they have allready had two years of the vacination.