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    proud cut

    Stupid phone! I'd rather get bucked off with no one around than with a crowd. Most everything I buy I jubust ride with a shipping halter and bareback. Sure I get cheated or educated sometimes but it usually works out.
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    proud cut

    There is no such thing as proud cut. A horse can have a retained testicle known as a cryptorchid or ridgling. Proud cut was a term used for a horse that had been cut too late in life, possibly used to breed a few mares and thn cut. Staggy would be another term for this. Yes you can have a...
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    Where do you prefer your scales?

    Ours is in under the chute. The alley way was a pain to cut one calf sometimes. We have the tru test hd10-10 and it works well. Its designed to take a beating. Did a lot of research on this. The only problem that I have is that I would have like to used it to weigh horses too. Might do something...
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    Freeze Branding Supplies

    I always use acetone. It can be found at walmart or any hardware store. I have better luck with it than 92% alcohol that i found.
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    Branding Cattle

    The swelling. Not sure how to post. ... directlink
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    Branding Cattle

    I freeze brand lots of horses and cows. I use dry ice and acetone. Pure 99% alcohol works well too but is hard to find. Acetone can be gotten anywhere. The key to a good brand is clipping the hair, spaying some acetone on just before you brand and hold it for 25 seconds. I've had a 100% success...
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    Just curious -- How many veterinarians . . .

    My wife is a vet. She doesn't help nor condone anything that I do. I grew in the horse trading industry on one side and a cattle trader on the other side. My (our) closest 4 friends are husband/wife teams, they help me if I have any problems that I can't handle or need medicine. I've castrated...
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    The Walmartian Song

    Anytime you ever doubt yourself or feel bad yourself, go to Walmart and walk around for a bit. You'll feel better almost instantly!
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    just an fyi

    very well. I know Jodey a lot better though.
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    just an fyi

    I grew up in a walking horse barn, used to only deal with them. Anymore my best selling horses are crossbred type horses. Just about anything with some draft in it. I honestly don't really trade much anymore. My wife has reformed me.... I'm a broker. We keep about 10 crossbred horses, a few...
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    just an fyi

    I'm still selling quite a few right now. They just need to be actually really broke and have some look to them. Low end horses, colts and cripples are in the tank. It is ashame that so many people are still raising junk colts. Should be a requirement that your responsible for that colt until its...
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    '98 Dodge 5 speed manual trans.

    This is where I got my 5th gear nut: Dodge Updated 5th Gear Nut (nv4500) A friend and I did this fix on my truck in one day in the driveway with nothing more than a floor jack, some jack stands, regular hand tools and a good bit of cold beer (required when a friend is helping you on a car)...
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    Misc. animal pics

    Pretty cool. I love the goat bridge.
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    Sell before or after Labor day?

    In our area, next week. It's starting to get dry. They will bring just as much now as in 6 weeks, and you'll have saved some pasture. Just my opinion.
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    30 days of training...

    What is the price on the dun colt? [email protected] I'd like to have him for a personal horse. Great videos btw.