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    Saying Goodbye

    Well folks, I am expecting I will be banned any moment now. I just wanted to say good bye and thank you. I have learned a lot from all of you I have interacted with. Be well and blessed and may your herds as well. If I somehow do not get banned...well I look forward to many more years from...
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    Murray Grey Cross Calves

    Here are this year's calves so far. They are still in my sacrifice area.
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    Land in exchange for labor over the yrs for employees

    Go see an attorney who specializes in real-estate and estate planning and wrap it all up in a living will / trust and the kids won't have a thing to say about it.
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    Feeder Alfalfa

    Yeah, it hurts, but I am glad I got it the beginning of hay season.
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    Feeder Alfalfa

    It is more likely I could find rye grass straw. I like this idea.
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    Feeder Alfalfa

    Thanks. I will give it a shot. Yeah alfalfa is more expensive here too. My partner didn't want the company to put out the money. I knew we were going to have a difficult time so after repeated no's I bought it myself. It was early enough in the season that it wasn't too bad. He thought it was a...
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    Feeder Alfalfa

    I need some help here folks. We are down to a few days of grass hay and I am not interested in paying 350 to 400 a ton for more if I can keep from it. I still have about a dozen haylage bales, and a semi load of 1300# bales of feeder alfalfa. What will happen if I feed straight alfalfa? I was...
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    900-Pound Cattle-Eating Gator

    I have eaten a lot of crocodile but not gator, do you guys know how they compare? That is quite a gator.
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    Skull ID?

    This guy is good and significantly less than most but he quoted me 1300. He tried to talk me into a full live mount as the bear has a white spot on his chest. For that he wanted 3200. I thought about it but it was a bit above my means. Also we are in a small oldass double wide with low ceilings...
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    Skull ID?

    Yeah it's like a morgue over here. His skin is at the taxidermist. Normally I wouldn't do that but this one is personal and he was in excess of 425lbs. He is gonna hang over the back of my couch. Might have to get a bigger couch though. Hehe
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    Skull ID?

    We have a lion over population problem here. One of the things we are finding is that as the mommas get old, or their teeth get like this they move within a very short distance of places with cats, chickens, goats , sheep what have you. They are still putting out litters but they are teaching...