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    dead calf.

    Thank you msscamp for being a bitch. I am so glad that i got your wrath for today. But why are you being snide and rude to me? I was asking a question on a dead calf not why my cattle are thin. Apparently I know that. I am NOT incopetant nor am I stupid. I do have a few choice words for you but...
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    dead calf.

    thanks for all the replys. I am very lucky i didn't have my cow die as well and i am very thankful for that. also happy the day she calved a cold front had rolled on down here cooling it off to about 65-70 durring the mid day. about a week before she calved she looked great. no ribs showing at...
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    dead calf.

    the dam of the calf was in fine condition. she is back to being compleatly filled out and it's only 2 weeks after her delivery. the other cows you see in the pics were first time heifers and the calves took alot out of them. plus not much rain means crappy grass. and hay has gone through the...
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    dead calf.

    ive been mia for awhile due to college, family, cattle, and rodeos. i used to mainly post on the show board. This was my cows second calf and she was bred to one of our simmi bulls who has always thrown a low bw calf. her last calf was a dr.who[low bw bull] and he cam out about 75lbs. i'm not...
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    if you need any help understanding those football games i'll help ya!! it's easier to learn from a girl. dad used to get really mad at me. and still does sometimes!! :lol2:
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    Anyone missing a bull?

    :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: are you kidding me?
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    Sleep apnea how many have it here? UPDATE

    my dad has it. he went three times and finally got his little machine thing. it helped BOTH of us sleep 100% better. since my room was right next to his. but my father also didn't have a problem sleeping with all of those tubes in him because well... he can fall alseep anywhere. i really mean...
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    Suggestions please.....

    i vote for simbrah or brangus myself. i've had experiance with both breeds and love them.
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    Here is a question for you

    in all honesty... i walked my calves for about 15 min a day and thats just so they knew how to set up. i leave my cattle out all night up for the day. but they were tied every day for at least 30 minutes.
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    looking for....

    roping calves. anywhere from 50-75$ a head. need to be in south east washington state. anywhere in between the tri cities to ellensburg. pm me if you know of any i'm looking for a friend of mine. thanks!
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    Southern bar-b-que

    hmmm.. i like how they threw florida on the state of california. lol very funny song :)
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    It's time for school to start, so...

    hmmmm. i think i heard all of that by 10 am this morning. just much louder no music and her face was a lot redder!!
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    bull calf.

    thats what i thought. but my dad and grandpa insist on arguing with me. they think that he will break and grow later. i don't see it happining. thanks for the input!
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    bull calf.

    give me all of your honest oppinions good bad i have got to figure out what i'm goign to do with this guy. He's right at 6 months old out of a WMW cow and a yellow simmi bull. he his is with mom[darla] about 3 months old here he is about 5 months old and here he is on 7/24 at 6 months old...
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    heres a link these are called sheep shears. ... x?ID=12377 i use them to body clip my old show cows and the other maines i have at the house. they work great. clip through dirt too. [some of them aren't halter broke so i can't wash them]