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    I was wondering if there is any one out there that have colored dairy breeds in Canada for sale. I would prefer if they were baby heifers or breeding age heifers. You can contact me at [email protected] Thanks.
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    Clay pigeons

    No but i have heard of this a lot
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    What ever you do do not over flush. About once a month is more than reasnabole
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    Big Sexy

    I was on the Sek Genetics website and say this bull i didn't bother looking at him But i thought i would reply. Thanks good luck with the hiefer!
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    i would have to say grand slam.
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    Pregnancy question

    i have dairy cattle and we wait at least 3 months to breed back.
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    Pregnant cow or not?

    If you have the cow in with some hiefers or other cows than you should buy a box of heat dedectores (i would get K-Mars). If the Dedector gets poped than you should breed her.
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    what to breed fullblood Maine Anjou to?

    I've been told that Angus work well crossed with Maine's.
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    working dog

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    Best Truck??

    Gm's are good but i still like a good Ford.
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    really large udder

    The teat sweally should come down in a few days but she might have a bad case of mastitis. just strip her to back teats and if the milk is curdled you might want to give her a mastitis treatment.
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    Apology to the Americans. (no offence to anyone)

    Your making yourself a discrace to canadians!
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    what should i grow in my pasture

    I would just grow a pasture grass.
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    weak twin

    I would bottle feedthe weaker one intill it builds up some good strength. Then you could probally let go back on the mother.
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    show heifer prospects

    I show dairy heifers and i will normally pay up to $6,000 Canadian.