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    Your best beef eating experience?

    I am just reading the guys book and I don't feel especially compelled to defend it but I'm not following some of the conlusions you commented on. The beef: Grass-fed Wagyu — and we’re talking purebreds, not those Angus-crosses(Does not know the difference between Fullblood and purebred)[/ I...
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    Your best beef eating experience?

    Some of you might be interested in this book: http://steakthebook.com/welcome/ The author travels around the world trying to find the best steak. I'm about halfway through it.
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    Angus vs Hereford

    In response to the original question, I had never really looked at Hereford epd's until about a year ago and I had looked at a lot of Angus epd's before that so I was in the situation where I started looking at the numbers and the Herefords appeared significantly higher. So what I did was go to...
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    just a question

    At what point is a Brangus/braford/etc. considered a crossbreed or not a crossbreed for crossbreeding purposes?
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    Rain in Oklahoma

    I drove from Garden City, Kansas to Stillwater, OK a couple weeks ago. Went through Woodward and Enid and Hennessey. Oklahoma looks sub tropical compared to southwest Kansas and the Panhandle. At least everything was green. Only in the last week or so has grass started to green up around here...
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    Any Advice for Starting New Ranch

    Some states have programs that help connect new farmers with retiring farmers. So the old can transition out and the young can get started. You might want to research your state (proabably start by asking at the local extention office) and other states to see if they have anything like that. I...
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    cattle medication gun

    I ordered one of the pneu-dart guns a couple weeks ago, one that uses the .22 blank cartridges. They can also be adjusted for distance. I've used the ones attached to tanks that shoot a medicated bullet, which limit you to what medications they are making in the bullet form and they are...
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    Eastern Livestock LLC

    bad hedges and/or speculating on commodities ??? :(
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    Jamison Dispersion

    I thought the original ad I saw said they were selling 800 or 900 head, now it says 650. So maybe someone bought a chunk of them already.
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    Available RFI testing convenient to Texas

    Check with the Grow Safe people, they seem to sell most of the RFI testing equipment. http://www.growsafe.com/news.cfm
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    If you read the article in the "RA Brown Ranch" thread it talks about getting a bull cloned for $20,000.
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    Duff Cattle Company/Power Plus

    What does "Power Plus" mean?
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    How do y'all do it?

    Portable panels Electric fence Bale buggy If you already have a trailer you can haul cattle to the vet or someone elses pens for a long time before it costs more than permanent pens, a chute and a barn.
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    Colorado Pastures...

    How far are you from the Arkansas river? A 40 acre tract that is flood irrigated along the river could probably run a lot more than 80 acres of non irrigated.
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    open balancer heifers

    Where do you live and what do you plan to do with the calves, specifically the heifers? $900 sounds a little high for open heifers. See if you can find some sale results for some Gelbvieh sales, sometimes the breed associations publish them.