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    Show Steer Tips

    Okay is there any suggestion on any supplements to help with structure or movement. My white calf out of Alias I have just noticed had a hitch in his step. His back pastern on his left leg pops and it looks like it is kinda hanging. Is there anything I can feed to help that. Could it have been...
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    My Steer Pics and Name Suggestions

    Thanks everyone. Speaking of Structure the white calf seems to have a hitch in is walk. His back left leg at his pastern pops and seems like the joint hangs. I don't know if he hurt himself or if he has always been that way. I didn't notice it when I picked him out because I was having to look...
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    My Steer Pics and Name Suggestions

    He hasn't been weaned yet. It will be the first time away from his mother when I bring him home. I'm not sure why they are doing this but I the guy said he was born November 19th and I could pick him next week or the week after next. Anymore critisism is appreciated.
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    My Steer Pics and Name Suggestions

    I want yalls honest opinion on my two show steers please. Sired by Heat Wave Born in Sept. I know in the profile veiw it looks like he breaks behind his shoulders, but he got a fungal infection and lost all his hair in between his shoulders and a little down his back. So I think it...
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    Show Steer Tips

    Thanks for all the info, ecspecially you VCC. I have had him two days and I have been rinsing in the morning and at night and blowing him out both forward. I haven't been using any hair products or anything yet. I have been tying him up for about 45 minutes to start out with. I have an...
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    Show Steer Tips

    I haven't been on here in awhile. I got my show steer today. He is a Heat Wave son that was born in the last part of Sept. I plan on taking him to Fort Worth. This is my second year with a steer and my first major haired steer. I have alot of questions because I have a good calf this year and I...
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    Bulls For Sale

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    Show Steer Update

    Hey yall! I wanted to give you an update on my show steer, J.B. He weighs around 800 lbs now and is still on Hi-Pro Grower. Side: <br> <BR> <BR> Front: <br> <br> Rear: <br> <br> <br> Tell me what ya think. Thanks
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    Internet and Satellite Auctions

    What do you guys think about Internet and Satellite Auctions? What are the benefits of using them? Thanks in advance!!!!
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    To The Older Generation

    Thanks for all the great answers. I am really trying to do alot of research on this subject and having the opinions of other people help alot. Thanks again!
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    No Calves

    I am starting to wonder why we haven't had any calves this year. We have 8 brahman cows and one brahman heifer. This is the 2nd year we have used our bull. He produced a nice calf crop last year. But so far this year there hasn't been one calf. Our last natural sired calf was born March 31 2007...
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    To The Older Generation

    I am doing some research on the new technologies in the Beef Industry. I was wondering what you as the older generation of beef producers rely on to keep your operation up and running? I don't want to offend anyone. By the way I didn't know what board to post this on. Thanks in advance!
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    Cattle Trailers

    Well we bought a trailer. I am so excited. It's about time we got a nes one. We got it from Circle M Trailers. Thanks for all the sources!
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    Worming with Valbazen

    I called a close friend of ours who runs about 300 head of cattle. She said this was they wormer they used and that it shouldn't hurt them. The just put that on there because it hasn't been approved for 45 day prego cattle and if a cow looses a calf they won't be held responsible. Thanks
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    Hoof Trimmer Needed

    I might know someone how many cattle do you have?