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Jul 17, 2006
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South Georgia
I don't know what its called but its tasty!

We got a bunch of jalepeno peppers and was trying to figure out what to do with them and stumbled onto this concoction via a suggestion from a friend.

Take a pound of hamburger meat and cook it with a pack of jimmy dean's spicy sausage and drain it when its fully cooked.

Add a box and a half of cream cheese and a bag of cheddar cheese and a tsp of sugar to the pan and cook on low heat till cheese is melted stirring frequently.

Cut jalepeno peppers in half long ways and take seeds out.

Spoon mixture into jalepenos and place on a cookey sheet and put in freezer. When frozen, bag these up and put in freezer for later use.

When you go to cook them, take them out and put on cookie sheet and place in 350 degree over for about 22 minutes or till they look done.

These things are wonderful.
That does sound good. I may not have enough peppers to do that this year. Maybe next year.
1982vett":1bkab0xb said:
Bag of chedder cheese. 2 cup bag or 4 cup bag?

Not sure. I'm guessing a 2 cup bag cause the cheese looked like it was mixed 50/50.

She also made some with blue crab meat. These were good too. Just not enough of them. :nod:
I figgured it was probably close to 50/50 but you never know.

I bet you could wrap a slice of bacon around them too.
"Jalapena Poppers".....wife makes them....cuts up shrimp real fine and mixes with the cheese then fills the Jalapenos with the mix, wraps a piece of bacon around them and either cook outside on grill or in oven.....great snacks.
Jogeephus":q0fauj7t said:
Cut jalepeno peppers in half long ways and take seeds out.

These things are wonderful.

They are wonderful provided you take the seeds out. If you don't, it's like a trip to see Lucifer in Haydes to me.

Thanks for the recipe Jo!

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