Woods vs. Bush Hog????

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Oct 15, 2014
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Jackson Co. Ohio
My 23 year old finish mower just went kaput so I'm in need of a new one.

Local dealer carries both Woods & Bush Hog so service & parts will be equally available. Both are 84" rear discharge. Gave me my pick of either one for the same price...

Anyone have a preference? Any differences I should be aware of? One superior?

Thanks in advance.
We have a Woods 16' Batwing on the place I take care of and my family has a 16' Bush Hog. I think the fit and finish is better on the woods. There is little stuff like breather plugs and other non-sense that act up on the bush hog that drive me nuts. They are very similar other than that IMO but that could change model to model. Every brand has their tough, high end models and every brand has their light duty, "cheapo" models.
Lol around here I think I could ask apple pie or peach pie & somehow we'd end up at Ford vs. Chevy.

Well by my count that's 2 votes for Woods & 2 votes for tie.
Thanks for all the input.

Ended up buying the Bush Hog. I hadn't seen either model in person when I posted this. After looking at them today I liked the single axle design on the Bush Hog better & the flared body design so no chains are required.

Plus the mower I'm replacing is a Bush Hog brand & after getting 20 years completely trouble free use I felt they had earned my business.

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