Winter storms coming

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Dec 17, 2019
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N. Central boonies, Oklahoma
Got the hay piled up. And everyone should be good. Cept Ellie Moo that still ain't calved!
Was 75 degrees today. Wind turned around and it's dropping fast. Gonna be 30 for a high tomorrow. With rain then snow! And the sale is on in Enid tomorrow! Hope them folks stay warm and safe while doing what we do..
I had a 34ft horse trailer scheduled for delivery to Elkhart IN tomorrow. Looked at the weather and decided Monday will be better.
I have a friend concerned about hauling cattle tmrw.
If he don't buy any. No worries! 🤣

I dang sure don't blame ya! I couldn't imagine hauling a trailer on snow or ice.
Take a break!
Enjoy some rum and cheese!
We got four inches of snow last night. It was a wet snow, not sure how much moisture, but I am happy have it.
We got about 2" last night and it snowed most of the day. Wound up with 5" +-. It's wet! We had to go to town at 1 pm and coming home, 16 degrees and the road was slick.
We'll take a few slick roads. This snow was very welcome.
Snows daily UP here. Lol 16+ FEET of snowfall this winter so far.

Although yesterday was a regular ole blizzard. 4 degrees 40 and 50mph winds with snow coming down sideways. At times the visibility was 25 feet. 8 foot tall drifts appeared throughout the evening. Ugly ugly.
Looks like next week will be our coldest and most snowy of all winter so far.
4-8" of snow and minus 21 on Tuesday night. Oh and 35 mph winds. Can't forget the
wind. That's one thing they predict that you can count on.
No real snow in the forecast but next week it does get cold. The low for Wednesday morning in predicted to be 1 degree. And here I was getting ready for spring. I guess I better find the long underwear.

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