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Dec 30, 2016
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Central Ohio
Just heard about the terrible wildfires in Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas. 2 ranchers died driving cattle to safety in Oklahoma. May God bless and watch over all of you out there affected by the fires! We are flooded here in OH. Crazy.
I hadn't been keeping up with it but when I looked one of the fires is 315,000 acres. Somewhere in the panhandle area. Hope they get rain and spring comes soon so it will be green.
There was also one of the ranch owners SIL that died along with the young couple and another man named Koch that I think was unrelated to the previous event.

Kids die everyday but this one pulls at my heart strings.
I spoke with my oldest at length today that is a firefighter just to reiterate that property isn't worth a life.

Such a tragedy to lose kids trying to save some dam cows and horses.
It breaks my heart to see their pictures....

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