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Apr 25, 2004
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College Station, Texas
about a week ago i noticed a strange bump on my brahman calf just behind the left front leg. its just a little bump a little bigger than a quarter and sometimes it bothers him if i touch it and sometimes it doesnt. at first i thought it was just a bite and it would go away after a couple days, but it hasnt. any ideas? im stumped, no one thats seen it has a clue, so i thought id ask the people that know about this stuff.
This is just a quess and maybe it is and maybe it isn't but alot of guys in my area vacin8 in the armpit area. I have had a few calves and one cow that I have purchased that have had a sometimes painful sometimes not lump in that area. Do you think that this is possible?
it very well may be. i just dont know, thats why i posted it here. to get opinions of more experienced people. it may be from vaccinations. do those lumps go down eventually? it doesnt bother me, but it may be unattractive in the show ring....
if it is not getting any bigger i would watch it for a few more days. is it hard or does it fell like it is full of liquid?
A lump after a vaccination is showing that the serum was effective.
HUH I thought it was from a bruise or a localized infection(dirty or dull needle)
jls":238r7gug said:
HUH I thought it was from a bruise or a localized infection(dirty or dull needle)
TMAN or Vicki would know more but I think that is the bodies reaction to the serum. Thus the antibodies to fight the disease.
IF the lump is hard and it was on my animal I would probably say that it is an injection site. Not seeing it makes it hard to diagnose. It does sounds like an injection site though. I have had many do that and have purchased many with them. I have had some that took months to go away. In my opinion I wouldn't worry about it. If it gets bigger then I would show a little consern. If it gets soft it might be absessing. That isn't a big deal usually eather.
Hope this helps a little. Keep us posted as to what is going on and good luck.
If you're really worried about it, why not call the breeder you bought him from and ask if he vaccinated him there? I know that I will often give one there if it's easier to get to in a chute full of calves. Something like an Alpha 7 will give a knot like that nearly every time for me.

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