Why are the prettiest calves always bulls?

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Nice calf regardless of what he is, that being said I have wished that several ones over the years had of been heifers.
I have a Longhorn cross and her bull calves are all speckled up nice and unique like she is. Her heifers are always solid red, black or have minimal white. Every time. Some of my Char X cows throw gray bulls and black heifers. Must just be my luck, but it sure does seem like the ones with the coolest colors tend to be bulls!
WalnutCrest":11gthsja said:
If I'd ever have a "pretty" bull calf, he'd make the front of the line to be a steer.

Hormonal balance is crucial in breeding stock.
I may have poor genetics but very few of my calves look very masculine within a few hours of birth. :roll: I'm commercial so all my bulls wind up as steers

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