What's causing blossom drop on my Impations?

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Feb 2, 2006
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I planted Impations like I always do on the front bed of the house. Nice and shady. I water the heck out of it. I normally have big cushions of flowers and did for a while. Now all the blossoms have dropped off and have not returned. What's going on? The plants are still growing and doing well, just no flowers.
Lammie":8243qka6 said:
1982vett":8243qka6 said:
Probably heat stress.

The ones in pots right above them are still blooming...

Same color or different. Consistant moisture? Way back when, some colors were more hardy than others. Consistant moisture was a help. To dry or to wet was bad. Remember you had a lot of rain a while back. The ones in pots right above them, are they in afternoon shade and the ones below get hit by sun?

Back when I used to grow some, sometimes they grew well and other times they didn't. Seems to be in their nature to be that way. But with heat stress, I would think the ones in pots would be the first to go, at least in the Texas heat.

How about pill bugs or sow bugs? They are my only bug problem I have this year. Maybe they are getting to the buds.
Same color and same rate of watering. I'll spray today and see if that helps. Thanks!
Mine in pots are ok,not great-the ones in the ground i'm watering twice a day just to keep them alive! This soil here is river bank,water runs thro real fast,taking any nutrents with it,

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