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Mar 8, 2012
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Southwest Colorado
I have only one purebred Angus heifer this year and will probably breed her Angus again. Problem is I haven't really been following the breed for several years ( she is the result of me finding some br Midland in the tank). So my question is what newer Angus bulls are working for people. She is a yearling so will need someone me calving ease.

Her sire is BR Midland and dam is new day daughter.
Breed her to Treftz Ez Street ;) That'd make a good one for sure!
If you decide to go the purebred route Tc Thunder made some amazing calves on our commercial cows calves Avg about 11 days early.
Why go with a new bull? I would pick something completely proven that makes good cows. Big EPDs will be counterproductive if you are building a herd.
Cow bred to TC Thunder had her calf on 03/25. Her due date was 3/30. The calf is a bull and was born unassisted. I saw feet sticking out of the cow. I finished what I was doing and grabbed clean twine strings. She had the calf on the ground already. TC Thunder AAA#16150299 gets my vote for an easy-calving bull. The last 2 years I have had to pull a calf out of this cow.

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