What Not To Wear - but Be Happy!!!

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Jan 22, 2008
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somewhere I don't want to be
This is kind of like Where's Waldo? Find the smiley face.

This lady was in the checkout line at the local Wal-Mart in beautiful Clinton, Ms. Her hubby was with her and apparently either didn't notice or is just plain evil and didn't tell her about her fashion faux pas. Wonder if he was pridefully puffed up at all the attention her junk in the trunk was getting or if he just figured he'd get even with her for something or other.

Brings new meaning to What Not To Wear - but Be Happy!!!

Thought y'all would like a giggle - - -always keep a good battery in your cell phone for picture taking.
Looks like two piglets fighting in a sack.

I saw a woman in Wallie World once wearing a full black body suit, lacy, showed flesh underneath. And you guessed it, nothing underneath. It was better than tv. I also have seen two guys that were wearing tank tops and were so hairy they looked like they had sweaters under the tank tops. Yuck.

I have a thing about men in tank tops. Unless you are working out, mowing the yard or at the beach, dont, and I mean DON'T wear them in public. Double yuck.
Some people don't have any modesty anymore.I'm not complaing if they are worth looking at but with my luck I always get to see the whales in all their splender.For awhile some woman around here where running around with their shirts buttoned down so low you could pretty much see their belly buttons with their bras showing.Kids don't need to see that.