What a predicament to be in

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That man had a lot of faith in his ability with a saw! I guess not much to lose at that point though. I have had to rescue them from a bucket and a longhorn from a bale ring but that is definitely a new one.
Leave it to a bovine to get themselves in trouble. Dad had a cow years ago that stuck her head in and old TV box. His horse didn't want anything to do with that cow. He did finally manage to get her roped and free from it.
Came home early one day and found my Gert half way through the cattle guard going into the yard. I'd been finding "deposits", sometimes in the AM after getting up and sometimes after getting home from work, and no idea which cow was responsible or how they were getting in.

I never knew a cow could look guilty, but the expression on her face was just like a dog found in the act. I stood there with my arms folded... and after an extended hesitation she began to tip toe her way back toward the other cattle which were watching her. Her guilt disappeared as soon as she was free, and she kicked up her heals and looked proud of herself as she led the herd out into the northeast 80. I'm sure she would have thumbed her nose at me if she'd had thumbs...
I didn't notice the Cambodia part but I'm guessing it came from Tik Tok. A friend sent it to me. I haven't gone the tik tok route yet

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