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What do you feed

  • Pellets

    Votes: 4 12.1%
  • Sweetfeed

    Votes: 4 12.1%
  • mixture

    Votes: 8 24.2%
  • grass

    Votes: 14 42.4%
  • corn

    Votes: 2 6.1%
  • soyhulls

    Votes: 1 3.0%

  • Total voters
Summer ration is our own made feed( ground ear corn,soy meal, and ddg) and grass pasture. Winter ration corn silage , dry hay, baleage,and corn silage.
Grass in the spring and summer, stockpiled grass in the fall and winter till it's gone then hay.
The ranch I work on feeds grass and hay if we get rain.
We feed whole cotten seeds during hard times, cattle
and deer love it, and stay in good shape during winter months.
My cows get hay and corn silage in the feeding seasons and grass during the grazing. My fed cattle get a mixture of corn silage and good hay and a custom corn based mix.
grass in the summer
hay in the winter
pellets all yr long for management tool as much as minerals
free choice minerals/and blocks both
we graze our cows year round on pasture.hay till spring.very little feed except when we want to catch an sell the bull calves.an that feed is pellets or sweet feed.
Rye limit grazed Thanksgiving to March 15th
Clover (avaliable December, but not used until) February to May
Millet limit grazed May to September 30
October to first frost grass
From frost to Thanksgiving Bermuda Hay 17 % Crude Protein 55% TDN

The feed store doesnt see me too often as I do not share my $$ with others too well.
Cattle graze on coastal as long as it lasts...depending on rains it may last til November. Then feed hay and 40% range cubes. Creep feeder is available to calves year round with a custom mix of corn, cotton seed hulls, distillers grain, vitamins, minerals, CTC and Bovatec. Calves have access to this as soon as they are willing to go into the feeder and then just grow their way out of it.
Nothing but pasture from about April to December. From December until the end of March- hay. This along with trace mineral salt. The only time we feed any corn is for a slaughter animal or to help us get them in the catch pen.

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