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Jul 12, 2004
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Baker County, Oregon
Cows eating hay this morning in the feed row. If things go according to plan A this will be the last time I feed this spring. Where they are going to for the first couple weeks is a little below this mornings snow level. I would help the grass to grow if it would warm up a bit. Maybe quit snowing.

Well we got part of plan A done today. The calves got branded and vaccinated. But hauling them got postponed until Monday morning.

This young girl is 10 or so. She did a good job of roping for a youngster.

Waiting for the ground crew to adjust the ropes. You want both back legs and bother front legs in the loops to hold the calf. Teh youg lady with her back to the camera is a hand. Not all cowboys are boys. Some happen to be female.

Ah, the smell of burning hair in the morning.

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There is a whole lot more to being a cowboy than the ability to ride. I know a lot of "cowgirls" who sure can ride, but that doesn't make them a cowboy.
I agree, I was just stating that most of the girls I know can ride better than their male counterparts.

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