what did you do at your day job today

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Fence...I'm sure you could make one of these :D

alisonb":377ikr0d said:
Fence...I'm sure you could make one of these :D


I have one, and good friends of mine own the patent on it. It's rare to have enough room to use it here, or in the brush of central Texas. In wide open areas, they are the bees meow.
Spent the morning at the Virginia Ag Expo at Renwood Farm in Charles City Va. current world record holder for corn yield...

had not been for a year or two as the expo moves around the state....saw a few new things and learned a few things...morning well spent.
callmefence":4lgn7s9i said:

So you sat on your butt all day in the truck while the young lady built fence? :hide:

Let's see I taught a lady how to do healthcare CPR, how to save some from choking, and a few other stuff she needs to stay at her job.
True Grit Farms":2ehf2rkk said:
How much did it cost you to have Sky come down and weld that?

:lol: :lol: :lol:

If photobucket wasn't such a B.... I could show you but nothing spectacular just cutting/hauling silage
midTN_Brangusman":2jow6b9z said:
callmefence":2jow6b9z said:

Fence do you guys drive tpost by hand or use a post driver on a tractor? Lookin good btw!

Sometimes push em with the bucket. Sometimes we use a pneumatic driver. But usually we drive the tpost by hand. It's generally less trouble than dragging around the driver compressor and hose. And their not that hard to drive with the right driver. Me and my son drove approx. 175 Monday by ourselves with plenty of day to spare.
You can't buy a good driver you have to make it. I'll post a pic when I have 3 days to spare.

For the pipe you gotta have equipment. I've gotta a manual driver for when maybe we just have a few to drive. It'll make a old man outta you.
Awoke to a text from our neighbor about a gate along the road that was open ... thank goodness all the heifers were still on our farm!

Checked on the fall recips.

Drove to a lunch meeting with a possible new client.

To the office ... paid bills and thought about a few things that need doing, but needed some thinking first.

Chatted with a breeder in France.

Drove home.
Finally got to finishing a working pen. I started it in February, just today I was hanging gates. We will be running 50 or so through it on Saturday. It's not perfect but a big improvement from what we've been doing.
For what it's worth, I tried to add another picture, but then my add image to post stopped working. callmefence I feel your pain.

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