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Aug 15, 2006
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supposed to be 90+ today with 75/85% humidity! :???: I've had to turn on the air. It's MAY! :shock: Guess I'm gonna be stuck in the house for a while. At least I've got the :compute: to keep me company. :? :nod:
I have not had to turn on the AC yet, although we have been a little uncomfortable. I like having a low electric bill. (Don't we all?) It's the darned humidity that's killing me! I should have bought stock in the company that makes my hair spray. I hate hair spray! It's either that, or look like Bride of Frankenstein.
come on peg dont talk about temps in the 90s yet.our cental air unit died last year.so we will have to put in a new 1 this year.but not ready todo that yet.
Humidity can't make my hair frizz yet,but I do have hair now! :D
I just can't stand the heat/humidity combo. Sweat pools in my eyes and stings.
Thank Goodness I live here now-central air,well insulated--if something breaks "they" fix it,and if I didn't break it I don't have to pay
Gotta go out today-chemo day,but they called,said the chemo isn't there,but must test blood,see Dr. Mabe I can learn something.
Do have a Dermatologest app Have a few rough spots on my ear and face--and I'm real gun shy about any abnormality..
Peg you could always move up here, had to put my heavy coat on this morning due to the cold wind coming off the snow covered mountains. :D ;-)
Hope all is well for you.
Peg. I wish you only the best. You have been through so much. We are all glad that things are better for you. God bless you.
Tom, Kathy.
thanks for all the good thoughts--Honestly,I have it easy,so far. There are so many people in so much worse shape than I at the clinic.
yeah,lost my hair,and a few peices of anatomy--but I don't hurt anywhere-feel pretty good--do get tired.. Dr said I'll be on this routine
for all time..It's at worse an annoyance..I'm not where I want to be,but here is ok.(if that makes any sense)

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