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i just spent a grand ordering a set of scales. I know some are a lot higher. but heres my question. I don't know but a couple of breeders who use them . I guess all registered breeders use them so they can accuratly track EPDs. I just can;t see all the cattle breeders using them. seems to be more eyeballing and guessing weight than using a scale.
Not near all registered breeders use them. We use the local Auction Market scales when it is time to weigh. Fifteen miles away, decent shrink also.
we have a set of scales we've had for many years. we have more than gotten our money out of it. we use a weight tape for birth weights and the scale for anything after that. we also have kids use it for their steer projects.
I am sure there are people who do not use scales, but I do not know of one who is an honest and capable breeder who doesn't.

Seed stock producers need accurate weights for birth, weaning, giving wormers, etc. Now that you have a scale, try estimating visually acow's weight and then obtain the actual. You will see that in the past you have probably over, or under, wormed your cows - it will pay for itself!

We also use them for our small direct beef sales, to know how much feed to offer, and to determine if the animal is approaching a finishing weight.

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