Water pump on 02 Dodge 2500

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Jul 30, 2006
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North of Houston
Is the water pump behind a pulley on the front of the engine? How hard, wherever it is, is that thing to replace. Novice, shadetree, or real deal...or somewhere in between those?
It is behind alot of pulleys. You will have to pull an awful lot of stuff to get to it. Shade tree with a lot of experence. Not for novice.
Is it a gas or diesel engine neither one is that hard just maybe take a little extra time. I have a neighbor farmer that used to have a dealer fix all of his equipment, until he started trying to fix it on his own now he does all of his own work.
All that needs done is to remove the belt and remove two bolts that hold the pump on and reinstall the belt. That is a easy waterpump.
CowpokeJ":12iokto6 said:
Diesel. I've been researching it online. All them say easy fix. We'll see.
I just had mine replaced on my 02 dodge pump 1 hr labor total

Now for the kicker a new pump with a lifetime warranty was $58 with no core charge

A rebuilt pump was $72 plus a $15 core charge

total for new pump and labor and new anti-freeze was $136.00 and it is a easy do it yourself deal but I was in town when I noticed leaking and I have a good friend that does most of my mechanic work
Well, the belt didn't even have to be taken off. They Released the tensioner and moved the belt off the water pump. Could've done it myself, but I was still 35 min from home. Got me on the labor, took 30 min. charged me for 1 1/2 hrs. What the book allows. Plus 18 for some 24k antifreeze.