wat state?

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is that fact? , srry but it is for a school project and is there somwhere i could go to find likepercentages?
Mahoney Pursley Ranch":36vu7zaf said:
Shoulda known,TEXAS has the biggest everthing! :D And NO snide remarks !

would mouths and egos be included in that "everythang"

Sorry, I hadn't read the "no snide remarks" part before I started this post.
Thats the trouble with being a hillbilly, we read real slow.
Bush said last night that some folks accused him of having a certain swagger. He continued, "In Texas, it's called 'walking.'" I'll be voting for Bush, so that's no snide remark.
they breed alot of f-1 and braford cattle. it is cheaper to use hereford cows and brahman bulls.
hillbilly 2":3nvvbkrl said:
Texan":3nvvbkrl said:
hillbilly 2":3nvvbkrl said:
would mouths and egos be included in that "everythang"
Left out the A-holes, dincha William?

Trying to keep it clean...my sister lives outside houston

It's a state of mind ,most can't come close to understanding. Its taught from the day you are born. Three dates you never forget if your a Texan
Declaration of independence. March 2,1836
The Alamo March 6, 1836
San Jacinto and the twin sisters April 21,1836
We chose to join the Union and have 5 states or parts made out of The Lone Star Republic.
"Texans don't really see a setback as anything more than a delay in achieving a goal" quote Liz Carpenter