Want to buy wooden stables, but do not know anything

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I writing from the balearic Islands, in Spain. I am lookinf for wooden stables, premade. Do anyone know where can I find them? I do not know the brand or the exact name in english. Can someone help me?


Are you talking about corrals, paddocks made out of wood? If so, most often a horse will "consume" a corral made out of wood. Unless it is heavily treated and then the wood becomes a hazard to the horse.

I have a few corrals and fence corners made of Juniper, untreated, and the horses seem to leave it alone. don't know why.

Not much help here, except free advice (you know what thats worth) to build the corrals out of pipe. Cheaper and safer in the long run.

I mean this kind of stables that are modular, I saw last year a kit made for 4 horses. The wood is pine tree, treated, and the horses seemed to be very comfortable there.

My problem is that I live into a ultra-protected natural area, and I cannot build anything.

Thank you very much anyway!
I found a few of companies that sell pre-manufactured stall kits.

National Horse Stalls Greenville, VA, USA.
Website: http://www.nationalhorsestalls.com/

Country Manufacturing Inc. Fredericktown, OH, USA.
Website: http://www.countrymfg.com/

Woodstar Products Inc. Delavan, WI, USA.
Website: http://www.wdstar.com/

Rockin J Horse Stalls Mannford, OK, USA.
Website: http://www.rockinjhorsestalls.com/

Ramm Equine Solutions Unknown, USA.
Website: http://www.rammequinesolutions.com/

AgCo,Inc. Unknown, USA?
Website: http://www.ag-co.com/

Anyway, I hope this helps you find what you're looking for. Best wishes with your stall search.

Take care.
Thanks a lot to both, I hope this will help me.

By the way, if someone wants to rent a land in Spain (in Mallorca) for making a horse bussines I have a very good one :)

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