Vitamins & Electrolytes Multispecies Supplement from Durvet

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Nov 6, 2019
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Bayside NY
77F531A7-12F0-46CF-848C-EC2637FD2EAA.pngHello everyone. Has anyone used the product above and if so do you still give your cattle vitamins and supplements through intramuscular injections or would this satisfy their needs. I was thinking of adding it to their water??

Btw I'm doing mob grazing so their water is replaced everyday.
Why do you think your cattle need it?
Bird Dog,
Low quality forage that they graze on, I just sold calves and did my daily weight gains less birthweight and got about half a pound per day that was our avg. I thought that was terrible. We usually give them vitamins 2x per year. We are located in Guatemala.
you are right, a half a pond per day is terrible. Honestly, I don't think the vitaminsalone will make that much difference if your rate of gain is that low. I think I would try to improve your forage. Maybe too many animals in your mob? I agree with Kenny, a good mineral that has the required vitamins might be the best way to goif you think your animals are deficient.
What is the cost per animal per day. A good vitamin and mineral I suspect would be better and cheaper
Hi Kenny my cost per animal per day right now is .17 cents per day. That includes the following cost, mineral salt(50lbs bucket) mixed with 100lbs common salt. Vaccines and vitamins 2x per year. We stopped using dewormer last year so it did bring cost down a bit. And includes labor. I don't even know if it's too high or not because I don't have anything to compare with here in the states. Btw our calves sold at the equivalent of $1.00 per pound. I'm sure it's higher here in the states.

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